Data Management Service


Most companies today need to pull and ingest data from many sources, in order to manage it to create real value. Not only can this be challenging due to data silos, but the data must also be structured and quality assured, before it can be syndicated, published or analyzed. With an MDM solution, you can create a central hub, one version of the truth or a “Single Source of Truth”.


Data Management Service

Data Management Service (DMS) means having a strategy for how to efficiently collect product data, customer data, supplier data, financial data and other business-critical information at your company, i.e. master data. Centralizing your master data, organizing yourself and defining workflows and automating processes in a way that drives the business forward, is what MDM is all about. In order to make the right decision, innovate your business, find operational bottlenecks, expand without losing quality, shorten time to market, develop relationships, and follow laws and regulations, you must have access to the right, sufficient and correct data. We claim that MDM primarily solves business problems, and not IT problems.

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