Product Photography For Amazon/Ebay Seller Account


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We Will Do Product Photography For Your Amazon/Ebay Seller Account.

You will get the following things in product photography:

  1. Main title photo on white background (Basic+)
  2. Lifestyle photos (Standard+)
  3. Size infographics (Standard+)
  4. Highlights infographics (Premium)
  5. Features infographics (Premium)
  6. Infographics of your choice (Premium)

What you need to do:

  1. Sort out your ideas on product photography.
  2. You’d better communicate your ideas to us in writing ( reference photos, emphasis, etc.).
  3. Remind your supplier to make sure the sample is complete and carefully packed and delivered to the Courier company.
  4. Wait a few days for delivery.

Please note:

  1. My product photography service excludes any alcohol or adult related products.
  2. I can return your product when a prepaid return label is provided in advance.
  3. Customized offers, discounts on large orders and variations.
  4. Real life shots include hand/part model only (Full model by stock photos only).
  5. It’s really important to agree upon the work concept first.

*The prices are with me having Crative Common if no detailed instructions are given in advance or additional fees may apply.

  • Need any unique pics to add to your website that would match with the content idea?
  • Need any great selling pictures showing your product for e-commerce purposes?
  • Need anything special?

Please don’t place your order before contacting us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for any details.