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I recently wrote an article on skillls that will never be replced by machines, today i am going to write on things that will be replced by mahines.


Communication skills cannot be automated because every situation is unique, but when machine learning and artificial intelligence comes into play, this whole competition between humans and machines tilts in the favour of machines. Machine learning takes into account the situation, the values and goals of stakeholders, the historical context, and business goals to effectively communicate. and machine learning and artificial intelligence will only get better in recognizing facial emotions and communication since it wont just be able to talk in multiple language (for humans it takes years to excel in one language but machines will only need an update to support hundreds or even thousands of languages), it will only be able to communicate over other modes like email, text etc and with the help of automation the speed will be lightening fast.


Automation can make job implementation easier, and machine learning allows it to be able to offer a comprehensive plan that gives each activity significance in the overall scheme of things. Regardless of the sector or field you work in, the ability to think strategically is one of the most critical field where machines will outpace humans in near future.

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