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Today i am going to write ahout skills that will never be replaced by machines. The nature of labor is always changing. Jobs in every area, from IT to manufacturing, are changing as a result of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

One study claims that around 25% of American jobs are at risk of automation, and we are seeing comparable figures and estimates in other economies throughout the world. It makes sense that this pattern is giving some people pause about the security of their employment.

But jobs won’t necessarily disappear because of macines. They will most likely undergo transformation as a result of it taking over simple, repetitive chores. People will then advance to jobs that call for stronger interpersonal abilities.

These are the kinds of abilities that machines can never take the place of.

Tech Management

Robots cannot and should not manage robots. Any digital system will and should always require human supervision (design, planning, installation, maintenance etc). Understanding technology’s purpose and the best ways to use it is crucial rather than being something to be feared, as this will be a talent that will be in great demand in the future.


Even now, scientists are unable to precisely explain why some people are more creative than others. So it’s reasonable to argue that computers will never be able to match the original spark of inspiration that gave rise to the greatest commercial achievements in history.

The explanation is straightforward: even when utilizing machine learning, automation and AI are designed. On the other side, creativity is unplanned and involves dreaming, imagination, and group inspiration.


Siri is excellent at providing directions to the closest coffee, but she lacks emotional intelligence. Technology will never be able to understand our feelings and react the way a human can, not even with the most sophisticated learning.

You need empathy to complete those tasks, whether you’re a team leader guiding colleagues through a trying moment, an account manager engaging with clients, or a hiring manager searching for the ideal applicant. Simply put, a robot will never be able to compare.

Content Creation

The digital world runs on content. Automation can produce or duplicate straightforward material, but it can’t properly communicate a brand’s story. Without a complete understanding of the human context, it is unable to produce business reports with clear outcomes and insights. As a result, there will always be a need for workers who are skilled in content creation.

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