In the course of working with numerous payment processing providers, their problems, and their services, there are a handful that stand out for failing to accomplish even the most basic things correctly. The foremost of these is PayPal. Let me share a couple of my own experiences and those of people I know who had to deal with horrible customer service when I had the misfortune to use this processing service that seemed to be used by everyone.

As a developer i provide a number of different service, one of them is custom web and application development services, now if there is a custom who place the order and then want refund, what most of us (software developer freelancers) do is to offer them refund since most of our clients are repeat so we want to build a long lasting relationship. But still in some cases people just want a free website and after some time they demand full refund for trivial issues. I got a similar case recently where a peson asked me to build 3 website (he didnt even pay me for third one) and paid for 2 websites, now after more than a month his hosting is suspended due to non-payment (please note that hosting is not something that we provide, they have to purchase hosting themselves) so his website is down too, now he complained to paypal that he didnt receive website. Now if you check my refund policy its clearly written that 1) i dont provide refund after 30 days, because as most of you can understand 30 days is a long enough period to evaludate something 2) i dont offer refund for custom web and application development orders (since it takes a lot of time to not just develop application but also communicate with client to understand their requirements) 3) and i showed proof that the site was up and running before his hosting went down, but due to utter lack of professionalism paypal decided in buyer’s favour. Now what i dont understand is that if if all these things doesnt matter specially the refund policy, on which paypal stress so much. So if all these proofs and clearly mentioning these things in refund policy doesnt help a seller, then paypal should simply write in their policy that if a buyer open a dispute, they will decide in buyer’s favor, no matter what proof seller gives

Its strongly advisable not to take any payments from paypal, since your payment is not secure and you dont know if after working for months that money will be taken back from you.